Moisture Analyser


• The MMB Moisture Analyser makes moisture analysis of plastic granules easy for fast and
• accurate results.
• The moisture analyzer comprises of a balance and an integrated heater.
• The analyser will first weigh the material sample in a foil tray at the start of the process; it will
• then heat the sample up, removing the moisture, and continue heating sample until it stops
• losing weight.
• This data is then used to calculate the moisture content based on the moisture loss rate,
• known as a drying curve.


• USB port for memory card and USB I/O interface
• RS-232 interface
• Built-in memories for storing products and settings
• 3 settings for heating sample, ramp up, step and standard
• Automatic test start setting for when the lid is closed
• Pan lifter to easily remove samples
• Large backlit display with dual text prompts