Corrosion, Scale And Biological Inhibitors

Corrosion, Scale and Biological Inhibitors.


Performance Properties
Mouldpro Inhibitors has been especially formulated from. Propylene or Ethylene Glycol for use as an Industrial. Grade additive for use in Mould Cooling and Heating systems.

Optimum Flow: Improved heat transfer characteristics, including; lower Dynamic Viscosity and higher Thermal Conductivity.

Protection: Contains synergistic corrosion inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in mould cooling systems. Scale Protection: Contains scale and biological inhibitors to help prevent fouling - thus promoting long operational life and high thermal efficiency.

Biodegradable: Mixtures are readily biodegradable (90% over ten days) and will not remain in the environment or bio-accumulate.

Non Toxic: Has an toxicity rating: Relatively Harmless as confirmed by the Hodge & Sterner Scale.